Sunday, July 22, 2018

Tomatoes from the heart

This variety of tomato is called corazón which, I believe, means "heart" in Spanish. It's shaped a little like a heart, and has distinctive ridges from top to bottom. And it's not the only heart in the garden. We also have cœur de bœuf (bull's heart) tomatoes. They are also heart-shaped, but with smooth skins, no ridges. I've grown those before, but this is the first time for the corazón.

You have to imagine the heart shape. The point is at the top in these corazón tomatoes. The point is at the bottom in the other variety, cœur de bœuf. They'll start turning red soon, I hope.

Ken and I were very productive yesterday, working to clean the utility room and also the drains under the house. The drains are working fine, but it's good to blast them clean once a year to keep them that way. Now we've got to put most of what we moved out of the utility room back in, and sort through what can go to the dump or to the recycle center.


  1. You guys work much too hard! Beautiful "heart" tomatoes. You've got green thumbs.

  2. Next week I go to Santa Fe, which has a farmer's market. I plan to buy as many homegrown toms as possible.

  3. mitch, it doesn't seem like a lot of work, and it's fun to eat what we grow, especially our home-made tomato sauce.

    michael, they are worth it, especially when it's 45º in PHX!


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