Thursday, July 05, 2018

Happy grapes

The grape crop this year looks like it will be abundant. The vineyards around us are luxuriant, thanks to a very wet spring and warm weather. The vines seem to have rebounded from last year's April frost. Everywhere I look, the bunches of young grapes look bigger and more numerous than in recent years.

Another shot taken with the old T3i (600D) and the 18-55mm zoom lens.

These are red grapes and will start showing their color later as summer progresses. July is here, Wimbledon is in full swing, as it were, and the Tour de France starts this weekend. And we're enjoying barbecue weather!


  1. Why is it the word "abundant' is the most perfect word for grapes?... I'm now singing "These are the grapes. This is the sun...." and I can't even remember which cereal commercial it came from.

  2. I read on someone else's blog (I have no idea what blog, or how I got to it... must have clicked on someone's name somewhere), and they mentioned that their tomatoes (somewhere in France) were already suffering mildew! I hope you're not having any problems like that!


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