Sunday, July 15, 2018

Apollo XIV

King Louis XIV identified himself as the Roi Soleil (the Sun King) and likened himself to the legend of the Greek god Apollo as the Sun God. References to Apollo appear in many of the paintings and statuary at Versailles. Inside the château, the king's throne room was called the Salon d'Apollon (the Apollo Room).

The Apollo Fountain, looking east toward the château in the distance. At the other end of the green lawn is the fountain of Leto, Apollo's mother, from yesterday's post.

The Bassin d'Apollon (The Apollo Fountain), depicts Apollo as the Sun God, rising up out of the water on his chariot, like the sun rising each day over the earth. And, by extension, as King Louis XIV rose each day to provide life and leadership to his kingdom. And beyond!

The almost-drained basin, pipes exposed, and the gilded statue of Apollo, his chariot, and horses, in the center.

The day we visited, the fountain had been drained for maintenance. We could see some of the lead piping that supplies water to the fountain's jets and a crew working on one side of the basin as water was being pumped back in. We also saw a few mother ducks feeding their ducklings in the basin's deeper section.


  1. Many years ago we watched a TV prog. that 'exposed' the secrets of the waterworks at Versailles and their clever but ageing workings. It's been a treat to revisit with these photos.

  2. Hmm, rather like when we made a huge effort to travel on Penang funicular, and it was closed for maintenance.

    1. We went on a Monday and the house was closed as normal, but the gardens & plants were available but had within the year suffered a devastating storm!

  3. An appalling display of wealth and greed at the time. A magnificent historic site and tourist Mecca now.

  4. potty, I think I saw that program, too!

    andrew, nothing on this visit rose to the disappointing level. I kind of enjoy the reality of it all (maintenance/construction).

    mitch, it didn't end well for Louis XVI...

    michael, see above. ;)


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