Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Gathering storm

Here's a shot from early Sunday morning as a storm moved in from the southwest. It was still far enough away not to threaten our vineyard walk, so Tasha and I were safe. This is another photo from my experiment with the T3i* and short zoom lens.

The sun was still shining from behind me as the storm approached from the southwest.

We only got about 4mm of rain from that storm, but then we had another on Monday that lasted for a few hours and dropped 15mm, just over half an inch, on us. The weeds are going to be happy.

* By the way, the Cannon T3i is also known as the 600D. They use different model numbers in different countries, just to keep us on our toes.


  1. And it is not just Cannon that does that, and it not just done with cameras. Very annoying.

  2. So dramatic. Fun, I dreamt about a huge storm last night. The sun is shining again today.

  3. Beautiful photo- I can feel the stormy air!

  4. Oh! But I miss proper storms like this one !

  5. andrew, someone sounds grumpy! ;)

    mitch, we've got rain this morning (thursday). The grass needs mowing.

    evelyn, :)

    michael, I like them, as long there's not too much wind or hail.


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