Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Tasha Tuesday

It's been a while, hasn't it? Tasha is now sixteen months old and is more or less full grown. She's left many of her puppy behaviors behind. For example, we've stopped using the leash on our vineyard walks. She knows the routes and where home is. Once in a while she'll see a deer or a rabbit and give chase, but not for very long and she usually comes back on her own. And she gets really excited about going for a ride in the car.

Tasha needs a good brushing, especially around the hind quarters!

I took this photo on Sunday in the batch of experiments with the older camera and lens. I like being able to zoom the frame to where I want it without physically moving. Can you tell I'm leaning toward shopping for a new zoom lens?


  1. I can tell that you are convincing yourself that you need a new lens....
    A quality zoom is as good as a prime for most of us.... the pixel peepers who concentrate more on looking at the quality of repro at the edge of the picture, rather than the picture itself.... would argue that a prime is more important.... but they probably arrange their pens on their desks in rows according to size or ink type.
    Tasha has turned into a fine dog!!

  2. Wow. She has grown to be such a beauty. So good to see her again. I was really sorry for Tasha that she hadn't had a Tuesday for a long time.

  3. He he, when is it going to be delivered?

  4. I'm so glad for you and Ken, that Tasha enjoys car rides.

  5. Tasha is photogenic and looks good against a light background. Enjoy your new camera and lens.

  6. tim, the prices might slow me down. Even used lenses are expensive!

    mitch, she's a good dog, most of the time. :)

    jan, I'm not there yet... still researching. ;)

    judy, it's nice not having to worry about stressing the dog with a car ride. This feels more normal.

    evelyn, it's time for a bath and a brush out, but it's hard to tell in photos!


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