Thursday, March 13, 2008

Château De Chaumont

The Chaumont castle sits perched above the Loire River about a half-hour away from where we live. It's a great place to check out, even if it's just for a walk in the park, when we have visitors.

I took this photo two years ago this month. It looks almost like a fairy-tale castle to me.


  1. Fairy tale indeed. Looks fabulous.

  2. Claudia in Toronto13 March, 2008 15:58

    i like it so much that I went to Vikipedia for the historical background. Catherine de Medici owned it at one point. Nostradamus was invited. Then Diane de Poitier lived there. Madame de Staël is associated with it. Benjamin Franklin was a guest. Wow! You're walking over famous steps when you visit the garden...In 200 years, on the web, they'll write: "wcs brought his cyber-friends to the Castle". Cheers!

  3. Beautiful photo. I hope you like your dentist and that s/he says "No work today."

  4. victor, thanks. It's a terrific place to visit.

    claudia, I understand that Catherine de Medicis gave this castle to Diane de Poitiers after Henry II died and she (Catherine) took back Chenonceau.

    louise, the dentist is great, just a cleaning. He told me my teeth were in "parfait état."

    loulou, dreamy it is! Have you ever been there?

  5. Claudia in Toronto14 March, 2008 16:30

    That's what it said on Vikipedia, and a lot more. I was just name-dropping!!! Fun to walk, as an equal, where the rich and famous once did...

  6. It does look like a fairy tale castle. Haven't been inside, but back in September, I went to the annual garden festival (not sure this is what it's called) and found the park gorgeous!

  7. claude, and the garden show changes its theme every year. One of these years I'll go...

  8. No, We've never visited the Loire valley. But we hope to...maybe soon!


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