Sunday, March 23, 2008

Radis Roses

These fresh radishes are among my favorite things to start a meal with. Crisp and slightly tart, dipped in good salt and accompanied with a fresh baguette and a bit of sweet butter, they make a terrific and healthy first course.

Une botte de radis.
(a bunch of radishes)

I got these at the market in Montrichard on Friday. We ate them on Saturday, just before a plate of beef and carrot stew with french fries. Yum!


  1. Crunch...crunch...I saw your post early morning. It looked so tasty! It inspired me to rush to our small Flowers-Fruits-Veggie store, next corner and get everything for a fresh salad. I also bought a cactus. Not to eat!!! The place( kept by Iranians) was opened till one on Easter Sunday so people could buy flowers as a last minute gift. Nice...


  2. One of the things I love the most about le repas francais.... starting off with those tasty radishes (even mine from the garden don't taste as good!) and that wonderful French butter. And a baguette on the side. Heaven!

  3. claudia, some cactus are edible!

    cheryl, prepare your taste buds - we'll have some radishes when you get here.

  4. Radishes, salt, baguette and sweet butter! Mmmmmmm......!! You're making me hungry!


  5. bettyann, do you find red and white radishes where you are?

  6. yum yum yummetty yum

  7. I love the black radis that you find around as well. We really got started eating radis in Mexico but the French have elevated the lowly radis to a more respectable level.

  8. pj, you can say that again!

    owen, I like the black radishes as well - I have a good dish for them, too. As soon as I make it again I'll post it.


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