Monday, March 10, 2008

It's About Time

Time is moving kind of slowly right now. We're between seasons, tired of winter and anxiously anticipating spring. The weather is not cold, but it's not warm either. And today a windy front is moving through.

Somewhere in Paris (March 2006).

Both of us are itching to get outdoors and work in the yard, but it's too wet to really do much of anything that hasn't already been done. The dog wants to be outside more, too, but she tracks in a lot of mud and that's a real pain.

So we do what little we can outside (yesterday I gathered sticks and twigs for kindling) and spend the days indoors cooking, watching movies, and surfing the internet. Sunday was the first round of voting in the French municipal elections, so we watched a little election coverage in the evening.

This week we need to go to the vet's office for some more Frontline, to the pharmacy for prescription refills, and I have a dentist appointment. I also need to get my passport renewal application in the mail to the embassy.

Gosh, I'm busier than I thought...


  1. Ooh I need to renew my passport soon too. So it's possible to do it by mail? I really don't feel like going to the actual embassy in France.

  2. jennie, I think you HAVE to do it by mail unless there are special circumstances. Go to the US French Embassy site; they give you all the instructions and forms there.

  3. er, that would be the US Embassy in France. I see my link doesn't work, but you can google it. On the homepage, go to Citizen Services and look for Passports on the left-hand sidebar.

    Bon courage!

  4. I had to renew my passport also, here in the States. I did it by mail and had to pay $127.00 to get it back in a decent time frame, not several weeks later, since I need it to come back from Mexico from my dentist. I hope you wont have to pay as much in France.

  5. This is an interesting and ornate clock. If it's brass, somebody has to rub and shine!

    With two snowstorms in a week, and snowbanks taller than my 5 feet, I'm ready to go anywhere in the world without a passport, and live my life as an illegal alien.

  6. Fantastic photo! The gold center just pops out at you.

    Is Netflix available in France? If not, where do you get your movies to watch?

    Do you have any comments on the election results?

  7. Walt, at least it is warmer where you are. Here we are at -13C this morning after we endured a windy ( 100km/hr), near blizzard snow storm over the WE. Our 9th this winter and 3rd in 8 days. The snow removal company is going to charge an additional fee because the accumulation so far has gone over the contractual removal of 270 cm of snow. We are above 330cm :-(
    looks like your garden is coming to life as described by Ken on his blog :-)

  8. The photo is amazing, Walt. It looks like a black-and-white with the gold of the clock added as a special effect. Very cool.

    Hope the days get warmer and drier. I had a good day working in the yard on Saturday. I hope you get the chance soon.


  9. chm, the fee here is $75 - payable with an American credit card!

    claudia, it's hard to remember when I've seen that much snow!

    louise, no Netflix. We have seven movie channels in our satellite package. I'll hold my election comments until after the second round. ;)

    beaver, I don't know if I could deal with that much snow.

    ginny, thanks. I blurred and removed the color from everything except the clock as an experiment, and it didn't turn out too bad!

  10. Blogger accepted my comment but didn't post it. How rude! Here it is again. I'll do it as many times as necessary.

    For some reason that photo looked unreal to me. Now I understand why. Your experiment is great and very well done. It would be interesting to have side by side the before and after pictures. Photoshop is a marvelous tool! Congrats!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. chm, I'll do a side-by-side in the next couple of days.

  13. I wish you remembered where this clock is! It's absolutely gorgeous!


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