Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photo Du Jour : Champignons

Champignons de Paris, or button mushrooms. These tasty morsels will be "duxelled," combined with shallots, and used as a base for a baked fish dish.

Here's a bonus shot:

*** Update: the baked fish (merlan) with mushrooms and shallots and white wine and mustard was dee-licious.


  1. Do you know that you can pick up wild button mushrooms everywhere in France (specially in fields)?
    Savez vous qu'on peut ramasser des champignons de Paris sauvages partout en France (en particulier dans les champs)?
    to know if they are edible you'll have to scratch a bit, if it turns yellow that means they are not good.
    Pour savoir s'ils sont comestibles, vous devez les gratter un petit peu et s'ils deviennent jaunes cela signifie qu'ils ne sont pas comestibles.
    The wild ones are deeeeeelicious
    Les sauvages sont dééééélicieux

  2. i'm always in need of a new fish recipe. hint, hint.

  3. Never "duxelled" mushrooms before. Did you use it as stuffing, or make it as a sauce with white wine? Went fast to your 90 food-and-wine posts. Didn't see the merlan dish.

    I saw lots of tempting recipes! I'll go back slowly, one day at a time. Thanks!

  4. Awaiting the recipe. I find fish here in France terribly expensive. Maybe it is just the season but it seems expensive. Yes I know it is sold in kilos so the price is not for the same amount. We had a great fish market in Philadelphia called Groebens and the fish was excellent and very reasonably priced. I don't exactly miss Philadelphia but when I want to cook fish and see the prices I do.

  5. kristana, I did not know that - the commercial ones grow in caves around here.

    cara, ok, I'll post the recipe very soon!

    claudia, the fish gets placed on top of the mushroom mixture then the wine is poured over the whole thing.

    owen, you're right about the price of fish. I'd eat a lot more if were less expensive.

  6. You and Ken do such a great job with these close-up food photos. I wish my husband would get into that! He has the camera for it, but doesn't seem to have the motivation...


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