Friday, March 07, 2008

Half Of Me

Why not take half of me...

I took some photos for my passport renewal on Thursday. Then I started playing with them. There was a blog I looked at by a guy in Australia - he did symmetrical photos of his face. He's in dental school and he posed for the class face analysis. Apparently the class was talking about how faces are anything but symmetrical. So he decided to see what his face would look like if both halves were the same. He posted some some of the photos of himself. They were pretty interesting. I'm sparing you all of that. Be grateful.


  1. I'm anxious to see the other half.
    What about that man who takes a picture of himself everyday at 9:09 whatever the context?

  2. Is that really half of you?

    Passport photos are fun. Photoshop + math = cheap passport photos

    I saw some sites that were tutorials for making passport photos but they all had the resolution wrong. Maybe you're a math whiz and you can do it in your head.

  3. To comfort me sometimes, because I couln't get all I wanted, my mother would say, "La moitié d'un tout est mieux qu'un rien." Thank you for half of you, wcs. If I ever get the other half, I'll remember another bit of her wisdom, "On est payé pour attendre."

  4. You don't exactly look like a happy camper in the photo. In fact, the term "ax murderer" comes to mind. ;-)

  5. I've heard that faces have a softer side and a harder side, or angry/happy...I guess yin/yang.

  6. chm, I've never heard of that guy. Does he have a blog?

    owen, ok, it's half of a third of me. So that's, what, one-sixth of me?

    claudia, est-ce qu'on est payé en especes? ;)

    cheryl, watch out, I do own an ax.

    tanya, mine has an inside and an outside. You don't want to see the inside.

  7. Oui, c'est un Parisien et on le trouve à Et il n'est pas particulièrement beau. Tous les goûts sont dans la nature!

  8. I don't think you look like an Ax Murderer! Just.....pensive :)

  9. chm, je regarderai...

    evol, thanks! I was having nightmares, but now I feel better. ;)

  10. your message has changed, we are insightful now?!

    Europeans in general don't seem to smile in photos so your photo fits right in. While I think "ax murderer" is a bit of a stretch, you do look pensive.

    I read a book called Dreams of My Russian Summers, I think the French title was Le Testament Français, written in French by a Russian man, so I don't know if the details are quite right. Anyway he says that the French equivalent of saying "cheese" before taking a picture is

    "Petite Pomme"

    Say that in front of a mirror sometime and see what your lips look like. It is not a smile or even a nice visage. It makes your lips very full but also gives you a slightly arrogant look. Maybe your chin even sticks out.


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