Saturday, March 01, 2008

Flowering Trees

Happy First of March! The flowering trees around us are starting to do their thing.

The pink one is in our yard, the white one is next door. That green hedge on the bottom is about seven feet tall and separates our yard from the neighbor's.

I had great plans to go out and take pictures of other flowering trees in the 'hood on Friday, but the wind kicked up and it's wet out there. So I just stayed inside.


  1. Spring might be round the corner?

  2. Beautiful on my screen. Lovely way to start the day. It cheers me up. Thank you!

  3. Chives and cream cheese are great on bagels--yours looked so good.

    Your flowering trees are ahead of ours- plants really respond to extra sunlight, don't they?

  4. Is the neighbour's tree a Magnolia?

  5. claude, hope springs eternal!

    claudia, you bet!

    evelyn, that surprises me, given where you are.

    beaver, I don't think it's a magnolia, no. But I don't know what it is...

  6. Today was a bit colder in our neck of France than the previous 2-3 weeks. What will happen to the trees and flowers if we have another cold spell. I can imagine but since this is my first winter in France I'm curious. Will it really get cold again or are we likely to have only warmer weather coming?

  7. Found nice flowering trees for my garden at Springhill Nursery.....!


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