Sunday, March 02, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace

Some remnants of last summer can still be seen out around the vineyard. The oak trees have kept their brown leaves; new growth in the coming weeks will push them off. Patches of tall grass and wildflowers look like so much straw, criss-crossed with deer paths.

This dried up queen anne's lace is one of hundreds that survived the winter winds and rains. It won't be long before it's gone and new growth takes its place.


  1. Queen Anne's Lace: It looks intricately delicate. Beautiful! Never seen it before.

    A street lamp in Dieppe?

  2. claudia, you must have qal in Canada, no?

  3. Just went to look on google. Seen some in floraison. Of course we have them in Northern Ontario. I lived down there near Chapleau. Wildflowers on the sides of roads and highways. Didn't know the name. Don't have much knowledge about flowers. Just like to see and smell them. It looks more delicate on your photo. Thanks wcs.

  4. In France, they call it carotte sauvage, or wild carrot.


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