Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Inside The Church At St.-Aignan

Here are a few snapshots of the church, or collégiale, in Saint-Aignan. I ducked in the other day when I was wandering around town waiting for my passport photos to be printed.

The above is a composite photo; these two windows are not next to each other. Most of the church's windows are simple plain glass. I don't know if they were originally that way or if they were once stained glass that has since been broken (during the war?) and replaced.

The church is not spectacular, but is a decent example of the eleventh and twelfth century romanesque building that it is. It was built over the foundations of a much older church, parts of which survive as the crypt in the current building.

The church is quite active, serving for local weddings and funerals in addition to holiday masses throughout the year. There is no longer a local priest, or curé, in residence in St.-Aignan from what I've read.


  1. Happy Easter! We are talking of trendy topical issues here : a good recipe and a visit in a church. OK.
    Joyeuses Pâques. on parle de sujets d'actualités dans le vent ici : une bonne recette et une visite à l'église.
    we (the French) are told to imitate the americans. But I see that when they (the americans) settle in France they adopt our habits : tasty meals and tourist visit to a church during Easter weekend.
    Nous (les français) on dit qu'on imite les américains. Mais je vois que quand ils (les américains) s'installent en France ils adopte nos petites manies : bons petits plats et visite touristique à l'église.
    Good on you. we must try to enjoy every minute of life.
    Bravo. nous devons essayer de profiter de chaque minute de la vie.
    Beauty is where you choose to find it. La beauté est partout où on a décidé de la trouver
    kristana from chalette sur loing

  2. kristana, expats often look at things differently because we are not as familiar with our surroundings as the natives.

    evol, thanks!


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