Friday, February 29, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

Just so you don't think ill of me, I did indeed take pictures of Callie during our last sunny day walk last weekend. Here she is hamming it up among the vines.

Callie among the vines.

She's really into moving sticks and twigs around the vineyard. They just seem to need to be moved. It's great having a working dog. I need to learn how to channel that desire to work into something constructive, like : bring me my slippers (without chewing them to shreds). I'll work on that...

On Thursday I actually left the house for a few hours. I went into "town" and got a haircut. Then I drove over to Bléré (on the other side of Chenonceau from us) to search for several necessary items. Among them : dog treats, sticky anti-weevil glue for the hazelnut trees, tomato paste, coffee, beef for bourguignon, a bottle of vieux marc, and a few other mundane things. I was less successful than I wanted to be, but I got what we needed.

Instead of vieux marc, we will drink calvados on Ken's birthday. Marc is a specialty of Burgundy; it's the liquor distilled from the leavings of grape skins and seeds after the juice is pressed for wine. Since we don't live in Burgundy, it's hard to find. But we like it, so I tried.

I didn't buy the weevil glue because it was too expensive at the garden shops I went to. There are a few more stores that I can check out in the area. I think I need to go somewhere that caters more to agriculturalists than to home gardeners.

The store was out of the coffee we like, so we will get it at the store closer to us next week. No big deal.

Can you believe that February is over?


  1. Such intelligent eyes! She said that she could bring the paper too. All you have to do is ask...

  2. How about "Callie, remodel the attic into a master bedroom suite"? That should keep her busy for a while...

    John H.

  3. Great photo of Callie!
    Good lord, another thing I have no idea about! What's weevil glue. Walt you send me to the dictionary so often! How do you do it? ;)

  4. just checked weevil and re-read your post, it was anti-weevil glue!
    and weevils are charançons? I didn't know they got onto hazelnut trees.
    You'll never cease to amaze me!

  5. The current issue of Nat'l Geographic has a photo of a b&w
    border collie on the cover, and an interesting article about the
    intelligence of animals. The cover
    girl's name is Betsy, and she lives
    in Vienna. Knows the names of over
    350 objects, which she can retrieve
    when asked to! I bet Callie would
    enjoy such a task, as apparently
    the breed is very talented in this


  6. claudia, the way she destroys kleenex, I'm not sure I'd trust her with a paper!

    john, good idea. We'll get started right away.

    claude, hazelnut weevils are balanins des noisettes (curculio nucum), a.k.a. charançons.

    sheila, I wonder if they have an online version? I'll have to check that out!

  7. Umm she looks like she is in jail, has she been bad again? I'm starting "to think ill of you". I'm completely in love with almost all dogs I meet but I think that I have never seen such adorable dogs as i have since being here in France. Callie is a beauty. don't tell me you got her somewhere else!


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