Friday, February 01, 2008


This tiny town on the Lot River is very close to the place we rented when we stayed there in 1995. It's amazing, if not a little boring. There's really nothing going on there, except for the lives of the people who live there. And that's probably enough.

Puy L'Evêque on the Lot.

There's a bridge, a pretty modern one, across the Lot at Puy-L'Evêque. It's from the bridge that I took these photos. We crossed the bridge a lot while we were there. A lot. Le Lot. Hehehehe.

A close-up of town.

Ain't it purdy?


  1. I like it a LOT;-)

  2. Oh, so you crossed the Lot alot, huh? Um, Walt, I think the weather is getting to you. All that wind must be responsible for stirring up your pun factory. And, yes, it's very purdy, indeed.

  3. It's very crowded. Buildings seem on top of one another, or touching each other. It still looks nice, next to the river.

  4. evelyn, that's the spirit!

    susan, one looks for amusement where one can find it, doesn't one? ;)

    bill, just a little...

    claudia, it's built on a hillside, so they are really on top of each other.


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