Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Church Tops 2

Just thought I'd throw a second one in, since I have a slide of it. It's not as nice a photo as the first one was, but it illustrates another style of bell cage.

This one's also in Provence.


  1. I always looked for these in Provence. I heard once that the reason for the design was to avoid being toppled when the mistral blew.

  2. Now that I have seen two of them, I know that there must be a good reason for the design. It still looks out of place, waiting for completion, or temporary.

  3. Congratulations for hard work! I envy you. A lot more interesting than dusting my apartment in the city. Another job which is never done.

  4. john, that makes a lot of sense. I never thought of that.

    claudia, it does feel good to be getting something accomplished outdoors. It's still early, but it beats sitting inside all the time.

  5. The bell tower in this picture is in the village of Lacoste. I just found a picture I took of it too.


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