Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seen In Gordes

Gordes is a very popular stop on the tourist circuit in Provence. It's the quintessential hilltop town (one of hundreds of quintessential hilltop towns in France) with great views, picturesque architecture, and plenty of shops and eateries to take your euros.

A front porch on a back street.

Add to that hundreds of people with cameras and not a few tour buses. If you've seen one of these places, you've seen them all. Well, not exactly. But pretty much.

Still, you gotta go, right?


  1. When you have seen one you have just begun seeing a bit of history and lifestyle that makes me want to spend the rest of life trying too see them all...after the busses have left.

  2. From Claudia in Toronto.

    Well, I'm a new tourist. I plan to walk everywhere, and then sit at a Café and enjoy my first glass of wine in France. If they take cyber money of course...

  3. john, yup.

    claudia, sounds like a good time!


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