Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Sunshine

Saturday afternoon proved to be another (relatively) warm one. Sunday was even nicer. We had just over 16ºC, about 60ºF, and that's the warmest we've had all season. It's likely to get cold again, but we're enjoying the sun and dry weather for the time being.

One of our neighbors burned some yard waste Saturday afternoon.

It was my afternoon to take Callie out. I've been trying to make her wait until after 5:30 to take advantage of the lengthening days. We can't go out between 4:00 and 5:30 because Lily and her human are out there and we don't like getting tangled up with them.

These buds remind me of pussy willows.

It was so nice at the height of the afternoon on Saturday, though, that we went at 3:00. It was terrific! No Lily, in fact, there was nobody but us out there. I can't wait for spring.

A single hanging pine cone.

While walking, we saw (and heard) a couple pairs of hawks "making lazy circles in the sky" above our heads. I assumed they were hunting for mice and other critters in the vineyard, but I never saw one of them swoop down.

This is as close as I could get to the gliding hawk with my zoom lens.

I wonder if they were courting or something. Or they were just out enjoying the warm sunny day like I was.

**Weather update: It's raining on Monday morning.


  1. Yes, it was a nice weekend. Too bad I had to work/procrastinate indoors!

  2. Great pic of the hawk!
    I'm afraid it'll get cold again, but it's nice while it happens ;)

  3. I think the hawk is beautiful! We see them often here, but I've never taken such a good photo of one.

    The other day we saw 4 or 5 crows harrassing a hawk. Maybe the crows are nesting now or maybe they just felt like being mean.

  4. From Claudia in Toronto...

    Those buds are so nice and soft in the close-up. I'm glad the hawks weren't looking for you. You were near enough...

    Please, tell me again that Spring will come in snowy dampish Toronto.

  5. Gee! I followed chm direction: checking Name/URL. It works. Thanks!

  6. Spring will come... spring will come... spring will come...

  7. I don't know; everyone likes the hawk, but I think the pine cone rocks!

    Just trying a different browser to see whether I can post under my name or must resort to anonymous.

  8. ginny, the comment seems to work however you did it...


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