Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fleurs En Février

Wild spring cyclamens are popping up in the yard right now.

It's that time of year again. Time for February flowers. The little primevères, common primroses in English (primula vulgaris), and cyclamens (cyclamen persicum) in the yard are starting their pre-spring bloom.

Cyclamens and primroses, side by side.

So pardon me for the repetition, but I just have to post a bunch of photos I took yesterday morning (Tuesday). To see last spring's crop, click here. The cyclamens are all purple, but the primroses appear in many different shades.

Snowdrops, or perce-neiges, are new to our yard this year.

This year we have two newcomers: perce-neiges, snowdrops in English (galanthus nivalis), and crocus (crocus vernus). I've been wanting to snatch some snowdrops from a friend's house or the woods out back for a while, but these just showed up in the yard this year. Must be the birds!

A yellow-white primrose.

The daffodils and hyacinths are coming along, too. And the buds on the forsythia are getting fatter and fatter.

A soft-violet primrose.

A deep purple primrose.


  1. Those flowers are really lovely! And you can tell spring is almost there. Almost.

  2. Thank you for the lovely primrose, cyclamen, and snowdrop flower photos. We have 8" of fresh snow and such flowers are weeks away for us. You have me day-dreaming.

  3. from Claudia in Toronto

    What a beautiful offering for my cold and snowy February. Thank you. In close-ups, I can see les pleurs de la rosée in your last year's flowers.

  4. I am jealous to see these early flowers. I will be lucky if i see some this April.
    Thank you for these nice pics of the flowers and enjoy the view .

  5. chm, not close enough!

    louise, 8" of snow... wow.

    claudia, yes, I was lucky that day.

    beaver, any time!

    purejuice, you said it.


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