Tuesday, February 05, 2008


This image is a close-up taken from one of the pictures I posted yesterday. And it's been "photoshopped" a bit.


  1. Nice contrast. Yes, Photoshop is the greatest. I don't know how I would spend my days without it. I still use 5.0.2 which is, in my opinion, more user friendly than the more recent CS. Are you through with your scanning?

  2. I know nothing about photoshop, scanning etc. I always wonder how you manage to take a photo in the morning and show it to me an hour later! You don't have to explain. I just enjoy and hope you'll continue.
    This photo is artistic, very delineated. Now that I learned to click larger, I admire all the details.

    Re:politics. Do you still vote?

  3. I always suspected a bit of Photoshop magic, your photos are too good. That kind of sounds like an insult but it's not. Even if you are a professional photographer you would still use Photoshop a great deal. I am still using CS, maybe when I get a new computer I'll upgrade to CS3. It is a beautiful picture. Just yesterday I took a bunch of Photos because here in the southwest the weather was amazing, 17C, beautiful skies, etc. I hope you are having similarly warm weather as well.

  4. chm, there's still much scanning to do, but I like to take a break from time to time. And I use Photoshop Elements 4.0 - I've never tried the full-blown version.

    claudia, I'm afraid I've not voted since I left California. Before that, I never missed an election. Now I understand (thanks to Sam) that there is a global primary for Democrats, but I didn't get it together to get registered in time.

    owen, mainly I use photoshop to fix scratches and marks on slides that I've scanned, and to adjust the lighting and contrast in otherwise unusable shots. It's also great for cropping!


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