Monday, February 04, 2008

Le Ciel D'Hiver

Our place seen from the vineyard, looking northeast.

The winter sky. I took these photos on my Sunday afternoon walk with Callie. It was a pleasant day, with a good deal of sunshine. I don't think that's supposed to last, though.

Looking north.

Looking west.

Looking northeasterly.

Looking northwesterly.

No commentary, just pictures. I'm feeling lazy this morning. ;)

I'm also trying not to hear or see any news about who won the Super Bowl. I'm going to watch the game later this morning - a re-broadcast on NASN. So don't tell me who won.


  1. How'd you like the Super Bowl? It was a classic this year!

  2. Since it is 22:33, you must have enjoyed the game. I am trying to watch the Coupe Africaine des Nations ( foot). Last quarter final is being played presently .

  3. I know nothing about Super Bowl. I wasn't tempted to say a word... This morning I just admired your house and the beautiful changing sky.
    I saw Swan Lake with the National Ballet of Canada, a long time ago. A friend of mine told me about Ballets Trockadero. They were here 7 years ago, and last January. Paul Ghiselin is now the director. He used to act and dance the Dying Swan, an incredible scene, I'm told. My friend will find a
    video for me. Thanks for mentioning the group. They are out of the ordinary and very talented.

  4. evelyn, I thought it was a great fourth quarter, but the other three were kind of blah. And I liked Tom Petty!

    beaver, I'm not into foot, but I do like some rugby once in a while.

    claudia, I've never seen them live, only on tv. I have seen Swan Lake live, the classic version, many years ago - what fun!

  5. I'm an urban boy rather than a country one but where you live looks so peaceful and idyllic.

  6. You don't happen to make fois gras do you, not to ruin anyone's idealized view of the French countryside. I remember our first month in France. We lived in the country, walked through the fields, admired all the animals. Over the next months I remember wondering what happened to them all. You can imagine.

  7. victor, I was an urban boy myself until five years ago when we bought this house and moved. Now I love living in the country. Completely the opposite, as you might suspect.

    owen, no, we don't make our own fois gras - there are people around who do so we buy it when we want it. There's a goat farm up the road from us where they make terrific cheese, and there's a lady down the road who grows mushrooms for the Saturday market. And, of course, living in the vineyards has rewards of its own!

  8. Oh, we do have fruit and nut trees and a great vegetable garden that, when the weather is favorable, gives us a plentiful harvest of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, beans, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, herbs, etc.

    And the freezer helps us keep eating garden veg through the winter. ;)


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