Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Dog

Today is Callie's first birthday! You can tell how excited she is:

Birthday schmirthday.

Just for fun, here she is at about four weeks:

I was such a cute pup!

Compare and contrast.


  1. Bonne Anniversaire, Callie!

    New Bern

  2. Happy Birthday Callie.
    Yes You are a cute pup and you know it :-)

  3. oh, what a pretty grrl.

  4. Callie is a STAR! She is having her beauty sleep before the big celebration.

    Many happy returns of the day, dear cyber friend. Thank you for letting me pat your back.

  5. She was cute as a puppy, but now she's a beauty! Happy birthday to Callie and felicitations to her loving parents.

  6. aaaaaahhhhh!


  7. Callie wants everyone to know that she is touched by your thoughtfulness. And do any of you have a cookie?

  8. Happy birthday, Callie! Just as lovely as a grown dog as she was as a cute puppy!

  9. I do have a cookie, in fact many of them, my dog Kika is old and picky about what she will eat as a treat, she likes none of the treats we buy here in France.

    Callie was so cute as a pup. Was she a good dog or a "bad" dog? She doesn't have that mischievous look some dogs have.

  10. owen, callie was, and remains, what I'll call a "handfull." She's true to her breed (border collie) and is so full of energy and curiosity.

    We had a cool wet summer last year and we spent a lot of playtime in the house. What a mess!!

  11. I was going to say, "I hope Callie had a great birthday", but it looks like she didn't care


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