Thursday, February 21, 2008


The other day I mentioned that we had crocuses in the yard. They seem to be popping up in places where we haven't noticed them before. I didn't have a photo then, but I've since gone out and taken a few.

A back yard crocus.

I don't know if the plants produce seeds that are spread by birds, or what. I do know that you typically divide the corms to propagate crocuses. But since I haven't done that with these volunteers, I have no idea how they're spreading.

Another variety of crocus in the yard.

Of course, one explanation (most likely) is that they were planted right where they are and I've just never noticed them among the primroses and cyclamen.

Ah, nature!


  1. As I'm a dreamer I think that these flowers grow to protect the nature against our barbaric acts of human violence of throwing anything (trash, bins, nuclear wastes, used cars and electric appliances)everywhere into the wild.
    Comme je rêve un peu, je pense que ces fleurs là poussent pour protéger la nature de nos exactions humaines de jeter tout et n'importe quoi partout (poubelles, détritus, déchets nucléaires, voitures et appareils électriques).
    They said to us, your human life is fleeting but we will grow again until the end of times
    Elles nous disent, votre vie humaine est fugace mais nous nous repousseront jusqu'à la fin des temps.
    we are pretty, small, resilient as you can see
    nous sommes jolies, petites et résilientes comme vous pouvez le voir
    In my garden some flowers are poppinp up through concrete, isn't it a good news?
    Dans mon jardin certaines fleurs surgissent du béton, ce n'est pas une bonne nouvelle ça?
    kristana from chalette sur loing

  2. Ah, nature! Always surprising and so resilient. It doesn't seem to need us as we need it! Yet, as Kristana says, sometimes we treat it so badly.
    That's why I enjoy your photos of all you see on your land. It helps me to open my eyes on my own corner of the world. No signs of spring yet, alas! Bare trees and snow...

  3. I enjoy your photos in the way Kristana and Claudia do. I wonder if your crocus found new life in all that rain you have had?

    I adore you photo puns--your french laundry is one of the best examples...

  4. Here in Southern California, I was able to take pictures of the first phases of the eclipse despite an extremely strong and chilly wind that chased away any cloud volunteering to mess the show. It began around 6:00 p.m. and ended around 8:30 p.m.

  5. Happy Birthday Callie! I first found Ken's blog (and yours) when Ken showed the delightful photo of Callie aged seven weeks on 30th April last year. It has been fun to see the photos and hear about her growing into such a lovely dog. The stories about Life in Saint-Aignan add to the pleasures of the day. Thank you so much! Angela

  6. kristana, thanks for all the good thoughts!

    claudia, hang in there, spring is on the way :)

    evelyn, I'm surprised the rain didn't rot the bulbs!

    chm, I hope you'll share those photos with us!

    angela, see Friday's post for a birthday photo of the dog. And thanks!

  7. Just lovely! I especially like the second pic! Fantastic colours!

  8. That variegated, can you say that?, crokus is amazing. It almost looks like an orchid. Did you ever go to the orchid show in San Francisco when you lived there? That was an amazing flower show. The trees and bushes have been bursting with flowers down here in Toulouse, I'm afraid that we might have another cold spell and that would spell disaster for the blooming flowers and trees. Have you ever seen violettes de Toulouse or something like that, it is a wild flower that grows everywhere, pretty flower.

  9. These photos are great! What kind of camrera do you use?

  10. Gorgeous shots!! I am sooo happy to see spring springing again!!! Can't wait to see your tulip shots... : )

  11. claude, thanks!

    owen, no, I never did that in SF. I'm sure that Toulouse is way ahead of us in the spring department; we're envious!

    lost, it's a panasonic lumix FZ-7.

    islandgirl, the tulips are coming!

  12. islandgirl, btw, I've been enjoying the Poland photos!


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