Friday, February 15, 2008

Periodic Puppy Pics

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Cyber Dog!

Callie is fascinated by movement on the laptop screen - any movement, whether it's a video, an animation, or even the cursor. She actually tries to nip at the cursor as it moves around the screen!

The laptop is in the living room on the coffee table. Just the right height for optimal puppy viewing. If there were such a thing as doggy e-mail, her address would be


  1. I always thought Callie had special powers. Our new little kitten, Bella notices watches some tv, but most of the time she pesters us and Maybelle her best friend.

  2. I wonder how she would react if she sees this particular shot of hers on the screen

  3. From Claudia in Toronto

    For me it's "Periodic Puppy Treats"
    I'm so enthralled by Callie's expressive face. She understands everything that's going on, and participates. You're very good at seizing the moment, WCS.

    On Ken's post, Callie closes her eyes, listening to music. Like me!

  4. Dear Callie,
    I am glad you enjoy the computer. I look forward to receiving an e-mail from you soon. Wonder if you use a mouse or if you have software to convert dog-speak to text.
    A bientot.

  5. Walt, I bet she wants to herd those things moving about on the screen!!


  6. evelyn, she has more powers than we know, I suspect...

    beaver, I've tried to get her to see herself on the screen to no avail.

    claudia, ah, but you only see a few of the photos. For every one you see, I have about ten that are blurry, boring, or where she's moved out of the frame. It's all luck!

    donna, you may be right!

  7. cheryl, whenever I try to use the mouse, some human tries to stop me. Dog-gone it.


  8. blogger would not let me post a really cute youtube clip featuring chocolate border collie puppies playing.

    i can just tell she'd like it.

    pretty soon you're going to have to install a V chip to keep her from surfing the racier collie sites when you're not looking.

  9. Callie's one clever puppy!
    Plus a good-looking one!


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