Saturday, February 23, 2008

More From The Back Yard

This is one of the braces (brackets?) on the shutters that cover the window in the garden shed out back. The shutters and the window are in need of some maintenance, but their state of disrepair gives them a bit of character.

They work just fine, so there's no urgency to fixing them up. They stand open most of the year, unless we're expecting a storm and I remember to go out and close them, and they stay closed through the winter.

Here's a photo of the shed itself from back in 2005 - springtime. Pretty soon the yard will look like this again!

Spring 2005.

When we moved here in 2003, the shed had no door. It was boarded shut, and when I finally pried the wood away I found a treasure trove of junk. The shed was chock full of stuff - wood, boards, stakes, flower pots, concrete blocks, old rusty tools, bottles of insecticides and fertilizers, and more.

It took me several days to empty it all out, sort through it, and several trips to the dump to dispose of most of it. I never finished with the disposal and some of the junk is still sitting outside the shed under a tarp. Maybe this year.

Now the shed is home to the lawnmower, the rototiller, the weed whacker, wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, flower pots, stakes, etc. Much of the same crap that was there before. It's just newer, more organized crap.

We also had a new lockable door installed on the shed a few years back.


  1. I like that: more organized crap ;)
    I should get around to organize the crap sitting on my balcony, but am just too lazy, --or maybe not as organized as you ;)

  2. From Claudia in Toronto...

    I looked inside the shed from the front window. There is an empty spot there for someone in a sleeping bag. Ah! to be young again. Well... I'll just sleep cyber-way under the tree. It's so beautiful on your land.

  3. claude, there is always a ton of work and organizing to do around here. It never ends.

    claudia, you're sleeping bag is welcome in our shed any time! ;)

  4. Nice photos, as always. Happy belated birthday to Callie!

    I'm going to see if your blog will take my comment. Ken's rejected me today, and I'm not sure why.

    (Second try) Yours did, too. Seems I can't just leave my name any more (ginny). Trying for "Anonymous" now.

  5. ginny, I don't know what's going on with comments. Blogger started some new stuff to make it easier (ha ha), so maybe that means re-registering. I dunno!!

  6. From Claudia in Toronto...

    Re: comments. Samething happened to me. My son will re-register me. I haven't a clue on how to do those things. They're always asking informations that are none of their business. It's like signing your life away.

    Good luck with the job, wcs.

  7. Oh! it's old google again. This happened to me last week also. Thus i went in "preferences" and deleted any thing with "google" from my cookies. Now it is working properly.

  8. I check Name/URL, and then I type my initials and so far it worked. You can't stop progress. The buz sentence is "New improved". My foot, or ... whatever!

  9. Your garden and shed look so divine. I can't wait to hit Paris later this year.

  10. C'est chouette, ta maison! Et La Vallée de la Loire ---- si belle! J'espère que tu et Ken y sont heureux. J'aimerai bien vous voir la prochaine fois que je voyage en France. Avant d'y aller, pourtant, il me faut parler mieux le français, je crois.

    Amitiés a vous deux,
    BP - votre ami du passé qui habite encore à Atlanta

  11. Hey, bp! AOB mentioned you might be stopping by. Drop me a line at waltfrance(at)yahoo(dot)com. I check in there every once in a while and if you leave a message, I'll send you my standard e-mail address.


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