Monday, March 31, 2008

Photo Du Jour : Balcony

This balcony on a house in Saint-Aignan has seen better days. But the flowers are blooming and it has a kind of shabby charm.

There is obviously somebody living here since the shutters are open. Most places that are empty are shut up tight. At first I thought the flowers were just growing out of cracks, but they are actually in little pots.


  1. When you think people pay fortunes to create this look!!lol

  2. Claudia in Toronto31 March, 2008 18:19

    i would gladly sit on the balcony for hours with a café au lait et croissant just to breathe French air...maybe I would add Brie!

    Just reading about your special night with a special star! Thanks for the link. Congratulations for your passport. It does us proud doesn't it to belong to a country? As good as having a mother!

    A bit late with everything. Eye surgery (cataract) gone bad. I looked at blogs but had problems commenting on all.

    Tell Callie I totally agree. I don't like worms of any kind. Even served with the best sauce...

  3. mark, don't they, though?! Sounds like a business opportunity!

    claudia, here's to a quick recovery!

  4. I adore this photo -- I just tried to catch a balcony from my car in a traffic jam (yes they do exist in Rodez) the other day but didn't quite have the time. I'll have to stop next time, I guess.


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