Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lunch At The Mange-Grenouille

Friday was a special day! I got to have lunch with fellow bloggers from Melbourne, Australia, Leon and Sue, and meet neighbors and blog readers Carol and Mike. We met in Saint-Aignan and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at one of our local restaurants, le Mange-Grenouille.

Left to right: Carol, Mike, Sue, and Leon. Notice the green frog on the bar.

Leon and Sue are in France for a few weeks on holiday and made a swing down through the Loire to see friends and visit other bloggers. I'm honored that they included me on their tour! Unfortunately, Ken had to miss out while he's visiting is mom in North Carolina. Leon is a serious bicyclist -- he travels with his own bike -- and Sue is a wonderful cook and loves French food. Carol and Mike are British expats and have had a holiday home in our region for twenty years or so. They moved here permanently about five years ago. They also own several properties that they rent out to holiday makers.

Lunch was relaxed and fun, especially with three versions of English being spoken (British, American, and Aussie). We enjoyed the restaurant's warm atmosphere while hail and rain squalls drenched the outdoors. And look at what Leon brought for me. Isn't it the coolest?

Thanks Leon!


  1. what a great photo!
    What a handsome shirt!
    Will you be selling any - mugs too? I want one!

  2. Great t-shirt.
    Did you have frogs legs for lunch?

  3. No fair! Why hasn't anyone given me an Evol t-shirt yet!!

  4. Mugs - WOT a great idea Walt. I can do that. Let's set up WCS Enterprises. You need a business partner!!!!!
    Yes, a great day to file away in the memory box.

  5. Hi Walt - we really enjoyed meeting you and hope that we can get together again when Ken returns home. The shirt looks great.


    Carol & Michael

  6. Wow!

    What a nice day you all had! Isn't it just wonderful meeting fellow bloggers and readers?
    LOVE the shirt.. Very thoughtful gift!

    Take care,

  7. That must be life imitating art imitating life...

  8. Oh, how fun! What a wonderful time you must have had together. I am meeting up with someone from my site in Naples, Florida USA next month. Isn't blogging great? Love that t-shirt..

  9. Okay, people, here's what we do. The next person who visits Walt should take him a t-shirt with today's photo of Walt wearing the Leon-and-Sue t-shirt with his photo on it. Walt then posts a photo of himself in the new t-shirt and then the next visitor brings Walt a new t-shirt with that photo on it, and....

    A very nice gift, Leon and Sue. But you may have started something.

  10. Very cool and thoughtful gift!

  11. Your idea is way great Carolyn! It gave me a chuckle.

    Knowing bloggers like Walt and Ken has made my life bigger and better.

  12. The t-shirt was a great idea! And that's a very handsome photo of you, Walt. Sounds like a very fun day, indeed!

  13. Initially I thought you meant Leon got you the torchere lamp you are pointing to in the picture.

    Then I saw the t-shirt. Very cool!

  14. Cool T-shirt. The restaurant looks very inviting.

  15. michael, mugs are a great idea!

    jean, no, I had bavette (steak).

    evol, dunno...

    leon, all it need are some investors...

    carol, same here. We'll work on a meeting!

    leesa, are you feeling better yet?

    simon, or imitating something...

    suzanne, yes, much fun! Enjoy.

    carolyn, my head is already spinning!

    nadege, it was very thoughtful.

    evelyn, and vice versa!

    cheryl, very fun and yummy!

    diogenes, a t-shirt is much easier to haul over from Australia! ;)

    starman, it's decorated by a local resident who has a boutique in town; she sells antiqued furniture and things.

  16. I like yours better, cuz it's on you!


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