Friday, March 26, 2010

Un Oiseau Dans L'Arbre

This bird sat in a tree next to the vineyard road as I walked by one morning with Callie. It did not budge, except for watching me closely as I moved past. I even stopped to take this picture and was sure the bird would fly, but it just sat there watching.

Keeping an eye on the human and canine.

I wonder if it was warming up in the sun and didn't want to use unnecessary energy to fly unless it absolutely had to. I wonder, too, if it's a female heavy with eggs. Any guesses?


  1. My best guess is that it is a female adult Cirl Bunting Emberiza cirlus (bruant zizi in French). But it's an LBJ, so needs a proper birdwatcher to confirm the ID.

    We had L&S for lunch yesterday and enjoyed meeting them very much.

  2. susan, I'm meeting up the L&S today for lunch! What's an LBJ (besides the initials of one our former US presidents)?

  3. Birds, flora, fauna and people, you must feel like you are all waking up from a very long hibernation. Lucky to meet again with Leon & Sue!

  4. Perhaps she's a bird of a certain age enjoying a long view Springtime on a blue sky day. In a few more days the trees will have leaves and the view will be limited.

  5. LBJ = Little Brown Job, at least in my vocabulary.

  6. The poor thing is probably too cold to fly.

  7. nadege, sometimes it feels that way, although our winter is pretty mild compared to, say, Canada's.

    evelyn, I can't wait for the leaves!

    cheryl, ah, that must be it!

    starman, I was thinking that, too!


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