Monday, March 15, 2010

Pecan Pie

When our friends K & J, who live in Scotland, brought us a big bag of pecans a couple weeks ago, we were ecstatic. We've done a few different things with them so far, but the best is this pecan pie that I made on Saturday.

Two pecan pies.

I made two of them, one for us and one for a friend. I use maple syrup in them since corn syrup is not something we find here. They're very tasty!


  1. Wow - they look wicked.

    I have never heard of corn syrup so I looked it up on Google. Apparently our English golden syrup can be used instead as it has similar properties in baking.

  2. mmmm, my fav dessert of all time...gotta have ice cream too tho...and yes, Jean, golden syrup will do well....I use cane syrup.....a special thing to the south & maybe Louisiana in particular in pecan pie, and it's delicious.......Walt, is it easy to find maple syrup there??

  3. Wow, those look fabulous. Were you using maple syrup brought back from the States, or can you find it there?


  4. One of my all-time favorites! Warmed, with ice cream. Or, perhaps, a bit of maple cream.

  5. They look declicious, while I'm having my morning coffee. Maple syrup, vey clever - I wouldn't have thought of it.

    Do they taste different?

  6. I think I could live on pecan pie. Those look wonderful.

  7. Melinda, we can get cane syrup here at the supermarket, very cheap. It's used to make the Martiniquais 'ti punch -- rum, cane syrup, and a squeeze of lime juice. We just didn't happen to have any for these pecan pies.

  8. They look sooo gooood.

    I didn't know Scotland was known for pecans.

  9. jean, that's probably true, although I've never had golden syrup. Maple works well.

    melinda, the supermarkets do carry maple syrup, but it's a bit pricey. We have some that friends (good friends!) brought over from the states.

    judy, both (see above)!

    alewis, amen!

    diogenes, yes, the maple syrup gives them a different flavor, but it's good as far as I'm concerned. You can also cut the maple with another syrup if you want to.

    chris, but you'd need something green...

    starman, amazing, eh? Actually, they're Kirkland brand from Costco. They have Costco in the UK.

  10. Aha! As you're using the maple syrup for the pie, it is probably very close to Fritz's maple syrup pie which is supposed to have pecans, although we often substitute walnuts.

    With the serious storms we've had here lately, it's been a very bad sugaring season. We've gotten maybe 17 gallons of sap total so far and the temperatures look like they're going to shut down any hope of getting more. That's enough sap for MAYBE a quart and a half. Last year we made three gallons and the year before, six. Very disappointing!

  11. will, it's really cool that you make your own. One of the benefits of living where you do!

  12. Hi Walt/Jean...

    I've hear of golden syrup b/c I was looking for what I could use for corn syrup here as a subst. Sirop d'or.. I think ... but I have only seen it at the bio stores- well, Bio Coop, to be exact...
    Walt.. does the filling get as solid with maple syrup as with the corn syrup... as corn syrup is very thick and maple syrup, though thick, is runny..
    Just curious.. Your pies are TOOOO DIEEE FORRR!


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