Thursday, March 25, 2010

Le Café Des Sports

This place is on the main intersection of a very small town nearby called Villentrios. I was passing through the other day and stopped for a photo. The town has about 650 inhabitants and an old château that is slowly being restored.

Everything was all closed up at street level and there was no sign of activity.

I didn't take any pictures of the château because I stopped the car in the wrong place. Maybe next time.

This morning's walk with Callie was very nice. The sky is lead-gray and there's a light rain falling, but no wind. The weather is coming from the south right now so it's relatively warm. I heard the first cuckoos of the season doing their thing in the treetops. The flowering trees and shrubs are showing their colors as their blossoms are beginning to open.


  1. We have one of those in Antony, too... in the centre ville....
    I've been loving all your pics in the past posts, but not leaving comments.. Sorry.. I'm getting lazy b/c I'm still sick...

    LOVE the omelette...

  2. I love places like this. They are so mysterious. Are they really closed, does someone still use the building for something, what was it like in its heyday, are there any plans to reopen it and so on.

    There is a bar in Descartes just like this which miraculously reopened for two days during an event last summer...all the bar equipment, glasses and everything were there just as if it had never closed. Then two days later it was all shut up and deserted again, making me think I had dreamed it all.

  3. It's relatively well-kept, so it can't be abandoned. Maybe they're only open during the better months.

  4. leesa, get better quick!

    jean, it's really hard to tell sometimes, isn't it?

    starman, could be. There are so many places like this. As you say, some of them may just be seasonal. I don't go by this one often enough to know its story.


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