Saturday, March 13, 2010

My New Second Favorite Cookie

Did you know I have a favorite cookie? Now I have two. My first favorite for decades now is the Petit Ecolier by LU. The perfect LU cookie with a tablet of chocolate on top. Yum.

Sablés means sandies, as in pecan sandies.

Now I've discovered Sablés de Retz by St.-Michel. They are nutty and coco-nutty perfect little biscuits, and not very sweet. They're amazingly good when dunked into red wine, too!


  1. Those are SOOO good but then again I have a sweet tooth and would find almost any cookie delicious and proceed to eat the entire contents in one sitting.

  2. Must try these. I wonder if they're as good as McVities chocolate digestives or fig rolls.

  3. These are very good. I used to like "beurre nantais" also from LU but I couldn't find them in July.
    One more week before spring!

  4. Those look wonderful! I, too, have a "must have them all" attitude once I start in on a little box of cookies. Bad idea to start, but I do love a good cookie!

  5. I wonder how many people remember that LU is the acronym of Lefèvre-Utile the original maker of "PetitBeurre." I think, also, they were located in Nantes.

    Probably no multinational corporations at the time, whereas, now, oil companies are in the business of making butter, and what else! That's why it tastes so bad!

    From the LU website,
    "It began in 1850. Two young French bakers fell in love, married, and began creating exquisite biscuits together, which they proudly imprinted with their two initials, LU. Their passion for fine ingredients and distinctive, original biscuits inspires every LU we bake today".

    I have no idea how many female "boulangers" there were in France in 1850, I wasn't there. But, probably none. So what precedes looks very much like two gay bakers and they were allowed to marry! Vive la France!

    Now, LU is owned by Danoneèvre-Utile

    Verification word is minishi. Just what the Japanese call that kind of biscuit! How appropriate!

  6. Thinking about it, may be a minishi could be very small sushi. Then a biscuit tasting like fish! Ugh!

  7. CHM - I love your comments. You are so knowledgable on so many things !!

    Word verif. is mistri. It's a mistri how you remember so much stuff !!!!

  8. These are my favorites:

  9. Jean - thank you so much you for your kind remarks. To be truthful, it is a 'mistri' also to me. But I've lived so many years, I was able to collect and save many items in my personal human computer. So far, the retrieving process is still OK, though sometimes a little foggy.

    Of course, in my youth, you had to exercise your memory by learning by heart many poems, like those beautiful 'Fables de La Fontaine', oodles of Latin lines from the Eneid, by Virgil, or some obscure, to me, Greek writer, like Isocrates. I don't know what's left of all that, but it seems to have helped! LOL

  10. "Arma virumque cano, Troiae qui primus ab oris". Latin was my favorite subject in my public high school and we did a little memory work also. I took four years of Latin and three of French which I liked also. Those were the days, my friend but they did end.

    I remember buying petit buerres and eating them with bits of chocolate, miam, miam.

    Now I want to try some of Walt's favorite cookies, but it will be a long wait.

  11. Evelyn, all those Virgil lines are gone down the drain or so it seems. The only thing I remember is "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" just because it was translated in French as "Craignez les Danois et Madame Ferentes." LOL, LOL.

    Now I crave PetitsBeurres!

  12. Every now and again we find Petit Ecolier biscuits in an off the beaten track type shop, and they're my favourite also. Yum.

  13. Another wine dunker. A guilty pleasure of mine too.

    Bellingham, WA


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