Saturday, March 27, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

Here's Mademoiselle Chose (Miss Thing) sitting in the back yard on a recent mild day. She loves being outdoors chasing balls and sticks. But mostly she likes sitting around.

Callie and her tennis ball. Notice that sly look in her eyes. She knows something...


  1. I like that; Mlle. just made my morning!

  2. Sooo cute!!! Have a great weekend... I'm making lemoncello bread pudding made from Challah!

  3. "Miss Thing" - that really made me laugh. I haven't heard that in a long time and so funny with that wonderful picture of Callie.

  4. Hi Walt,
    I don't visit your blog as much as I should. It looks like you're keeping busy during Ken's vacation. How is the work on the house progressing?

  5. Callie is just beautiful.

    Did the cat come yet?

  6. Callie's saying "You THINK you're smarter than me, but......"

  7. suzanne, hehehe.

    leesa, that sounds good!

    diogenes, we do our best...

    ellen, the work on the house hasn't started yet, but is supposed to later this week.

    starman, ;)

    harriett, no, the cat hasn't come yet. Sometime in April I suspect.

    evol, you're probably right!


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