Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Signs Of Spring

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will recognize this picture. Every year in early spring, the primroses in our yard bloom. They're in a little section that's shaded much of the day by a tall conifer.

The annual primevères (primroses) blooming in our yard.

It's a little carpet of color ranging from yellow to blue to dark purple. The warm bright days are with us now! I thought this past winter would never end. We may still have some cold days. To wit: in France they say, "En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil." Which means, in essence, in April, don't be tempted to shed your warm clothes. The rest goes, "En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît." In May, do what you please. We're not even out of March yet...


  1. There is an old north of England saying "ne'er cast a clout 'til May is out" which means exactly the same thing as your French one. Except that it's a month later due to our colder weather !!

    I think I'll use the French one from now on - it sounds better !!

  2. I wish we had those primroses growing out in our woods!

    I heart Spring too!

  3. Just read Ken's whole series on why and when you guys made the move. We wish we could afford to make that move but c'est impossible maintenant.

  4. .....and on this side of the world the flowers are dying and leaves are hitting the pavement.........

  5. jean, I wouldn't even know what a clout is, let alone how to cast one...

    evelyn, I'm sure these were planted here.

    starman, It was a big deal at the time, but we're really glad we did it.

    evol, it's that time of year. I really like autumn, but winter just seems to drag on...

  6. There are no visible signs of spring here yet; all the vegetation is way behind schedule. At least the temperatures have finally gone up, though.

  7. For information only: a clout is a layer of clothing, typically a woolly vest to protect against the cold Yorkshire winds. To cast is to throw aside.

    Summat like that anyway !!

  8. What lovely flowers, take you for sharing them with us.


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