Monday, March 22, 2010

A Different Angle

Here's the Château de Saint-Aignan yet again, but from an angle that I don't normally see. The other day, Ken and I drove over to our contractor's place of business and looked at a couple of old radiators to determine if they were worth using in our attic conversion (we decided no). The place is just south and east of St.-Aignan on a high spot in the community of Seigy.

Le château de St.-Aignan-sur-Cher, looking north from Seigy.

I drove back there on a whim Saturday afternoon to see what I could see and found a dirt road that looked promising. This is part of the view I got up there. There are some amazing houses on the ridge with cool views. It's a bit more crowded than our little hamlet in the vineyard, but it's nice in a different way. And with views like this, well.

A wider shot with the collégiale church towers on the right.


  1. I think I could fall in love with that place :-)

  2. Will you be moving back now that health care reform is on its way?

    Probably not, because in France you have health care AND chateaux.

  3. Even conservative (but wising up)New Hampshire cast it's 2 votes for it! Hooray!

    Verification word: wrolet in wrolat the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun...ouch!

  4. I love seeing the castle from a new perspective. I love going down new roads and exploring!

  5. I could live with a view like that.

  6. nadege, yup!

    cubby, it does grow on you!

    carolyn, no plans to move anytime soon. France's health care system is still tops. And wine.

    bill, yay!

    evelyn, I do, too, but it takes me a while.

    starman, me too!


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