Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunny, Dry, And Cold

Here's the view of our little hamlet from out in the vineyard on Tuesday morning. It was just over one degree celcius (just above freezing) when Callie and I ventured out. It hasn't rained since last month and things are rather dry right now.

Looking northeast toward our house.

The was a light frost covering most of the ground, but it melted on contact and Callie's feet got all muddy by the end of the walk. One of the vineyard guys is out there now pruning the last of his parcels and his dog Max is always happy to see Callie.

While the mornings are cold, the sun warms the day up after a few hours. Come on, Spring!


  1. Come on, Spring
    Time to take in the sun, sitting outside with a Rosé in hand :-)

  2. We had a spring-like day today, temperatures of 12°C and sunshine. But still no daffodils yet.

  3. beaver, you said it! I actually sat in the sun a little yesterday. It got up to 17,5º.

    judy, yippee!

    jean, us to, but it sounds like we were a bit warmer.

    starman, really? I didn't think so...


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