Thursday, March 18, 2010

Le Petit Casino

Saint-Aignan has a little movie theater, although neither of us has ever attended a screening there. I have no idea how big it is inside. It's up on the Place Wilson and it's called le Petit Casino (the little casino). In French, the word casino means more than a gambling establishment. It's a building that can function as a meeting hall and/or theater. There's no gambling going on in this casino, unless you count taking a chance on a weird movie.

Along the Place Wilson in St.-Aignan, across from town hall.

Here's Ken heading up to our bank earlier this week. The bank is the Crédit Agricole, or CA as you can see on the sign on the left side of the photo. Before he gets there, though, he's got to run the gauntlet of the Maison du vin (the house of wine), the movie theater, and le Saint-Aignan café-bar. The café is closed this morning, and it's a little too early for a movie, but he does seem to be drawn to the Maison du vin.


  1. Walt,
    Strange as it seems, my Word Verification is lessnest - which is what the house must seem like now as Ken makes his way back to the states.
    We will be in the Loire only on the 25 & 26 before going back to Paris.
    We have Ken's email, not yours.
    How do we make contact?
    Do you have our email?

  2. I think it would be a detriment to my compte epargne if my bank was next to the maison du vin. It truly would be argent liquide!

  3. I hope it won't be too lonely without Ken.

  4. Walt, two weeks without Ken seems like a long time, but I'm sure you and Callie will have some adventures.

    I notice that Simon mentioned Mr. Bricolage on their blog today. I remember you convinced us that it was Mr., not M., and ends with a period. If only I could remember the important things and not just the trivia!

  5. I thought it was the neighborhood version of the Casino food market.

  6. I love little cinemas like that. We used to have one in Melbourne called Lumiere.

  7. leon, see you then. I know you got my email now.

    rachael, hahaha!

    nadege, I have Callie to keep me company!

    carolyn, so say we all!

    starman, yes. St.-Aignan does not have one of those, but a nearby town called Montrichard does.

    evol, cool. Ours is not an art house, though, just a small town cinema. Is the Lumière an art house?


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