Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Les escaliers de Montréal

One of the more interesting elements of Montréal's varied architectural heritage is the wrought iron stair. The stairs are everywhere in the older residential neighborhoods of the city. Their soaring twists and turns seem somewhat out of step (sorry) with winter's ice and snow, leading up from street level to the raised entrances of residential townhouses. But there they are.

A fire escape or the entrance to rear apartments? Could be either.

I wasn't able to do a photo essay around the stairs, but I did capture this one image from the alley side of a building just off the rue Saint-Denis. I like the photo better in black and white.


  1. I had completely forgotten about these, even though they made a strong impression when I saw them. Great photo!

  2. Haha! We are always amazed at people's reactions over the "stairs in the city"! For us, they're just so "normal", so... ordinary! ;) But the one you showed are backyard stairs. We barely never use them (except if you park your car in the backyard) You should show the ones leading to the front doors of the houses. THEY'RE the ones!

  3. I love those stairs! If someone falls off, I guess it's their own fault. Unless of course it would be me and then like a good American, I'd blame somebody else for my troubles.

  4. Walt

    Imagine going up or down carrying an appliance or a piece of furniture when this is the only way to access an apt above the ground floor. Yet people still manage to do so and this comes to mind about Maurice "the Rocket" Richard:


  5. mitch, I wish I had had more time to do them justice.

    jon, oh, I know. But being there for less than 48 hours didn't give me time to do them justice.

    mark, lol! Still, if they were truly dangerous, then Montréalers would be dying by the thousands each winter...

    t.b., falling off a stair is nothing compared to not wearing a helmet during a hockey game! mdr!


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