Sunday, June 03, 2012

Heading north

We said good-bye to our friends Evelyn and Lewis on Thursday evening. It was a special treat for us that they drove up to be with us for the wedding. After our walking tour of downtown, we enjoyed a meal together at the Olde English Pub, then said our good-byes. They are good people, as we say.

Our picnic spot in the northern Adirondack Mountains, not far from Lake Placid.

On Friday morning we also said good-bye to our hosts Lorraine and Lou, but we knew we'd be back the following week. We got in our car and drove north, toward Montréal. Lorraine made sure we had plenty of good stuff in the car for the trip. We took leftover sandwiches and pizza, some bottled water, and some wine. Cups and paper towels, of course. Like good boy scouts, we were prepared.

Leftover pizza and a pinot noir from Millbrook Vineyards in the Hudson Valley. Yum. We always travel with a corkscrew.

By about noon or so, we were halfway to Montréal and found a rest stop on the Northway (Interstate 87) for our picnic. The weather was nice, but there was a bit of a wind, so we had to be careful that things didn't blow away. I think one cup of wine got knocked over, but who's counting?

Yessir, boss. Not diagonally, just diagonal. Of course, we don't park parallely, do we.

After the picnic in the Adirondacks, we continued on north to the border crossing. No problem with the immigration guard. Ken spoke French with her and we were welcomed into Canada as if we were long lost relatives. The drive to Montréal was quick after that and we found our way into the city and to our hotel.


  1. I haven't seen those beautiful mountains in a long time.

    Of course you travel with a corkscrew!

  2. It was so much fun to be with you in your hometown, Walt. We have such good memories of the wedding and from Smithy's.

  3. It all sounds great to me -- good company, pizza, wine, the Adirondacks. Woo hoo!

  4. Leftover pizza and pinot noir sounds a great combination, although I would have chosen a 'zin' :-)
    Point is: wine is a delight and I would have some with every meal if I could get away with it.

  5. One might see the bare trees and think it's still winter. Which, of course, it is in Canada.

  6. mitch, I hadn't been up this far north in a while. It was nice.

    evelyn, oh, that pizza was tasty! Even left-over.

    judy, bags of fun!

    michael, they don't make zin in New York State. We tried to stay with the local stuff when we could.

    starman, this isn't Canada yet, but the altitude means that it's colder and the trees don't leaf out as early. Once we got to Montréal, it was summer-like again!


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