Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another immaculate conception

This is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Burlington, Vermont. Very modern and very different from the one in Albany. The original cathedral, a much more traditional churchy-looking building, was destroyed by fire in 1972.

Is it a barn? Is it a grain elevator? Is it a church?

I like the muted colors of this building as well as its geometry. It's very modern, but uses some traditional New England forms in its design. We didn't venture inside, but there are probably some photos out there on the internet.

Two-toned brick and metal (copper?) sheathing.


  1. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the first photo, is it a barn or a grain elevator? An elevator would be great for a church of the Assumption!

    The second photo is more to my liking. How does it fit with the first one?

  2. Top shot does look like one of the Grain stores... I've always refered to them as Temples to Corn!
    The second picture shows a great use of materials.

  3. I like it! I'm going to Google it to see more. Wow!

  4. chm--good one!

    Pretty grim looking.

  5. I really like the difference in the textures, from the roof to the sides. I understand that a metal roof is good in those heavy-snow climates, as it allows for the snow to slide off and not build up on the roof.

    Very nice :)


  6. I like the new version better than the old improved faux-gothic one.

  7. I like the materials used, but am not a big fan of the overall design. The architect apparently was Edward Larrabee Barnes of NYC, who also did the Dallas Museum of Art, a rather nice building.

  8. These are two separate buildings. Right?

  9. chm, the towers are one and the same. The cross is on the front end, and the second photo shows the back end.

    mark, well, it's catholic.

    tim, I call our local elevator Our Lady of the Granary.

    mitch, did you find some interior shots?

    carolyn, I see what you mean.

    judy, I like metal roofs. I wouldn't mind one on our house, in fact.

    diogenes, ah, I didn't know that.

    starman, nope. The same. :)


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