Thursday, June 21, 2012

A lunch stop

We drove south from Burlington on route 7, with a quick swing through Middlebury, and made our way to Bennington, where we planned to have lunch before heading west back to Albany. As we approached Bennington, however, we got snarled in a small traffic jam due to some road construction.

A rather picturesque general store in North Bennington, Vermont.

We finally made our way into the middle of town, but didn't find an appropriate spot for lunch. After a little detour to avoid riding through the construction site a second time, we found ourselves in North Bennington. It's not much more than an intersection, but there were several restaurants and a general store.

Kevin's Sports Pub & Restaurant, North Bennington, Vermont. I recommend it.

The place we decided on for lunch is called Kevin's Sports Pub and Restaurant. A charming little place with a bar on one side and a dining room on the other. We had a chuckle listening to the waitress deal with an elderly couple who couldn't seem to get their order together. "Just tell me what you DON'T want," was a sentence we heard her repeat a few times. Our food was very tasty and after we were on our way "home" to New York State.


  1. As a Recovering Waiter, I beg all of you, when you call us over to take your order, please, be somewhat prepared to give that order.
    After running that poor girl ragged, they probably only left her a dollar on the table.

  2. Bennington is charming. We spent some time there shopping for additional camping supplies during an ill-fated, rainy, mud-soaked camping expedition nearby. We also got hung-up nearby for a while in an off-balance chair-lift in the Green Mountains. Such memories.

    Beautiful photos, but it looks like you brought your French skies with you to Vermont!

  3. General stores must have been made with large porches like this. There is one like it in my home town. I'm glad you stopped in Bennington to snap this two handsome photos.

  4. I went to Bennington years ago... actually, it was in May of 1982, right after I got home from Paris! We also camped in the Adirondacks :) Lovely :))

  5. I can't imagine being a waiter/waitress. I can it's summer because your temperatures have soared all the way up to 19º!!!!!

  6. "just tell me what you don't want." Ha, typical New England.....

  7. mark, I wouldn't be surprised.

    mitch, I think I read about a similar camping adventure (or was it the same one) on your blog a while back.

    evelyn, I wonder if this was formerly a bank or town hall or something?

    judy, and you didn't come to see me?

    starman, we got up to 23º on Friday! Woo hoo!

    bill, hehehehe.


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