Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a sendoff!

On our last night in Albany, Ken and I were treated to a terrific evening with our hosts, Lorraine & Lou and their friends and neighbors Tina & Joe. If I remember correctly (wow, it's been well over a month now), we started out with nibbles and wine while Lou got his barbeque grill fired up.

Left to right: Tina, Joe, Lorraine, and Lou.

Lou cut up a gorgeous tenderloin of beef and grilled it to perfection. Ken, Joe, and I watched the master at work (but I took no photos, d'oh!). We enjoyed steaks, wonderful kale, an amazing salad, and other tasty dishes with some local New York and some California wines. It was a fantastic evening and a great way to end our stay.

At one point, Tina grabbed my camera and took a few shots.

Lorraine made place settings for the party. In keeping with the wedding theme, she printed out a photo of each of us and attached them to little tuxedo stands. After a little wine, I lined them all up for a group portrait.

You see? It was a formal dinner.

We had a fun-filled visit and are grateful to have such wonderful friends welcome us so warmly into their home.


  1. What a great idea for place settings. Have a great day Diane

  2. Hey, there are people in your post! Love those place settings. So fancy!

  3. Tina's photo of you and Ken is excellent! Lewis and I really enjoyed meeting Lorraine and Lou. It seems like yesterday, but time is flying...

  4. I love those place cards. Very clever!

  5. The pictures are great! The one Tina took of you and Ken is terrific. And seeing the place settings made me laugh all over again. We loved having you visit and sharing your special wedding day. Let's do it again! We have lots more recipes and party decorations...

  6. Great Pics - Love those placecards! An idea to replicate!

  7. diane, they were very cute!

    mark, it happens once in while, lol!

    evelyn, I can't believe it's been over a month!

    mitch, Lorraine is very creative. :)

    l&l, it was wonderful and it's always great fun to see you! Thanks again!

    judy, yup!

    mary, :)

  8. Love the "formal" picture!


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