Monday, June 18, 2012

Wile E. Coyote shops here

All those years, sending away for mail-order items in his attempts to catch the roadrunner, that crafty coyote (eatibus anythingus) was reaching out from the Arizona desert to... Burlington, Vermont. Of course, these days, he'd use Amazon or e-Bay.

This is actually a glass store. They don't sell anvils any more.

I saw a few more interesting signs in Burlington. In case you aren't sure what this building's address is, it's spelled out very nicely. Twicely.

I think there are more than one.

And then there's this one. Guess who it's all about?

I have no idea what this means.

Ok, enough about me.


  1. Ha! I was thinking dynamite, not anvils but I guess we think alike. Love it! m.

  2. As one who watched those roadrunner cartoons growing up, the "eatibus anythingus" reference cracked me up. Fun post.

  3. Walt

    It is a men 's retail store.

  4. ACME ! I wouldn't trust nothing from that store.

  5. mark, ah, yes. TNT. ;)

    judy, I don't think so...

    diogenes, lol

    t.b., thanks! I didn't remember at all.

    michael, hahaha!

  6. Walt the Fourth: Check out this link... a wonderful Wile E. Coyote episode you might have missed. Too "adult" for my blog!

    1. Hilarious! I think the damned coyote should just come out already.

  7. My comment disappeared. C'est la vie.


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