Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The south front

Here's a gratuitous shot of the south facade of the state capitol in Albany. This is the side that faces the Empire State Plaza. I liked how the group of school kids walking by is dwarfed by the architecture.

The reflecting pool where that fountain is becomes an ice skating rink in winter. Click to capitolize.

Part of the effect is the result of using my camera's telephoto lens from the southern end of the plaza, I think. The larger white building on the left is the Legislative Office Building where New Yorkers can visit their state senators and assembly members.


  1. Love the new header photo! Now... where oh where have I seen this before? ;-) [But your pic is MUCH nicer]

  2. How beautiful this is. I love the whole effect with these older buildings, the tiny people, the flags and the fountain.

  3. I meant to say, the new and older buildings.

  4. Great photo, Walt. I like all of the different textures, and that's a great building.

  5. I'm sorry. I guess I haven't been paying attention. You're in New York? Awesome! It'd be neat to do a blogger meet-and-greet! :)

  6. Love the fountain! The legislative building is more in the style in which I prefer my modern buildings. And, of course, it goes without saying that I love the capitol building (even though I said it anyway).

  7. n&a, hahaha!

    kristi, thanks! The tiny and colorful people are what I saw when I took the picture. And that "new" building is about 40 years old.

    judy, one of my favorites.

    writer, we were in New York in May, but are back in France now. One of these days!

    starman, the LOB has a huge sunken lobby with a grand staircase, all clad in various color marble. It's very stark with no decoration except the stone, but it kind of works. I didn't photograph it because these days it's all behind security stations with metal detectors and searches just like at an airport. Ugh!

  8. Great photo with the kids in front. Really puts it in perspective. Beautiful building.


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