Friday, June 15, 2012

France interlude

Just a short break from my photos of our trip to the U.S. to remind myself that I'm still in France. Despite all the complaining about rain and chilly weather, there have been a few nice moments. I took this picture of our hamlet on Wednesday afternoon's walk with Callie.

There have been some recent breaks in the clouds. Click to renaudiate.

We really do need for things to dry out a bit now so we can finish digging in the vegetable garden. And the plants that are already in the garden need some warm sunshine. And I need to get the weeds dealt with before they deal with me. At least I got the grass cut before the latest deluge.

Tomorrow I'll go back to the second week of our trip, starting in Burlington, Vermont.


  1. I hope the skies stay blue and the sun stays warm!

    I have really enjoyed your posts on Montreal, thank you.

  2. Beautiful sunny blue skies today Waly. Time to dig in my one square foot of soil, the window box.

  3. Feature article in the
    NY Times travel section
    website today is "36 hours
    in Montreal."

    Always found that beer is
    irrestible to those pesky
    snails and slugs

  4. Weather herein the UK is wet, cold and windy. Roll on autumn....

  5. Sheila, the hotel where we stayed was just off the Boulevard St-Laurent, and most of the places mentioned in the NYT article were on that street. We also had drinks at the Sky bar in the Village. Sorry we missed the Portuguese grills and restaurants, but there just wasn't time.

  6. You do get some strange weather in France.

  7. Ken

    Hence my remarks, in my e-mail last month, about Portuguese and Lebanese restaurants the next time you are in town :-)

  8. bettyann, I've got my fingers crossed!

    bill, braggart!

    sheila, thanks, I'll take a look at that! It seems the snails swam right through the beer and got the last of the basil sprouts.

    gaynor, ugh!

    starman, I think it's perfectly normal weather, just at very strange times. ;)

    t.b., sign me up!


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