Sunday, June 17, 2012

The land of maple syrup and cheddar

I know what you're thinking. Isn't Canada maple syrup country? Isn't Cheddar in England? Well... yes and yes. But the maple trees don't stop growing at international borders and, after all, Vermont is in New England. So it all makes sense. Doesn't it.

The Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont, where we had Sunday lunch outdoors.

Maple syrup is produced throughout New York and New England, and Vermont is the largest producer of syrup in the United States (Québec is the largest producer overall, making three quarters of the world's supply). You can't go into a store in Vermont without seeing syrup for sale.

The church at the end of Church Street, Burlington, VT.

American Cheddar cheese (the name Cheddar is not yet protected) is manufactured in Wisconsin (the nation's largest producer), California, Oregon, New York, and Vermont, among others. Vermont Cheddar (also referred to as "white" Cheddar) contains no added coloration as other American Cheddars can. Canada, Australia, and South Africa are among the other countries that produce Cheddar-style cheeses.

Sunday afternoon in a Burlington sidewalk café/restaurant.

When I think of Vermont, I think of maple syrup and Cheddar cheese. It's always food with me.


  1. Fancy that - we just bought some Maple Syrup from Safeway stupid market today.

  2. I actually preferred S.African cheddar to what we used to get in the UK :( Diane

  3. My parents got married in the church in your photographs. We visited Burlington in '96 while touring New England and really liked the town. Antoinette

  4. This all looks so European (except for the American flags.) I guess it's called New England for a reason...I've never been there.

  5. It's always food with me, he says. Walt, there's nothing wrong with that. At least I sure hope not.

    Maple trees in our area have taken a hit, and two people we know are out of the syrup business.

  6. Great pictures. Burlington looks very lively! Makes me want to visit. Love the building next to the church with all the turrets (Romanesque Revival?).

  7. Oh, boy! Burlington and Lake Champlain in these last two posts :) I've been away in Kansas City for a few days, so I hadn't been online to see your posts. There's no better cheddar than well-made Vermont cheddar... aged 3 or 4 years or so :)) Yummmm-oh. Smooth and creamy. We had several kinds of it at our wedding in November, brought from Vermont (with love) by my sister, Betsy, and brother-in-law, Doug :)) Great stuff.

  8. I want to see Vermont, where Cook's resides. You would appreciate Cook's; being the good cook you are !

  9. Oh, I thought it meant there was only one church on that street.


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