Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Parking for dogs only

I saw these curious posts at the Jean-Talon farmers' market. I can only imagine that they're places to tie up your dog. But I would never leave my dog tied up to post while I went shopping. The dog either goes in with me or stays at home.

Are these really intended as tie-up points for your dog while you shop? Anyone know?

Dogs aren't allowed in supermarkets in France, but they are allowed in farmers' markets. The only problem is that the markets can be a little crowded and dealing with a dog on a leash while standing in line, ordering, and paying is way too much trouble. Callie has been to markets, but only rarely.

After our little market tour, Ken and I drove out to have lunch with blogger friend and frequent commenter "The Beaver" and her husband. We enjoyed a terrific lunch and fun conversation. Ken took along some cherry tomatoes from the market and T.B. added them to her delicious watercress salad. They were very tasty.


  1. Interesting, a tie up post or a 'wee' post LOL. Diane

  2. I wish the world was more dog friendly and we could take them in to supermarkets and restaurants :(

  3. They're very cute little racks and signs, but I wouldn't be comfortable my dog to one of those either.

  4. Walt

    This must be new unless I do not pay attention when we are on our way to enter the underground parking lot ( or they are blocked by cars that are parked on the street) but you have your answer here:
    Des chiens dans les épiceries et dans les marchés publics...

    Marches Publics - Les Chiens Saviez-vous que les marchés publics ne font pas exception aux autres commerces d'alimentation tels les épiceries et les restaurants ? Comme dans ces endroits, les chiens n'y sont pas admis, pour des raisons de salubrité publique.

    Aux ami(e)s des chiens surtout, désolé pour ce règlement qu'on nous demande d'appliquer avec rigueur et merci pour votre compréhension et votre collaboration...

  5. They are rather cool. We have a supermarket near us (a little one) and people often tie their dogs up outside. Sometimes it makes it a bit scary going in!

  6. I don't know for certain, but it appears to be the purpose.
    Note to Enid and Ciaran: Dogs, nor any animals for that matter, do NOT belong in a restaurant. Perhaps you clean you dog regularly, most people don't, and even then, they can still be carrying germs with which I do not need to come into contact.

  7. I'm with you Walt. I would never tie up my dog (if I had one) to any kind of post. The last five dogs I had, I never used a leash. In fact, they had no collars. They always stayed with me. My last buddy, "Horace", never let me out of his sight. Someday I'll get another "buddy."

  8. Robb tells me that it's possible to buy into the French Health System. Is that true and if so, how much does it cost?

  9. diane, your guess is as good as mine!

    e&c, we can take the dog into restaurants, no problem.

    mitch, it's not like you can "lock" your dog to the post like with a bike.

    t.b., they look pretty new...

    morningaj, I'd be afraid of somebody taking the dog!

    starman, I would say the same thing for children, and some adults! I don't have a problem with well-behaved dogs in restaurants. As for the health insurance: my understanding is that all legal residents of France are eligible and contribution is based on your income. We've been in the system now for five or six years.

    ron, Callie doesn't have a leash for daily walks, but always when we go into town or elsewhere she wears a harness that the leash attaches to.


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