Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The grapes are turning

All of a sudden, it seems, the grapes are getting their color. Up until now, all the grapes were green. Now the cabernet, côt, and gamay grapes are starting to mature and to develop their dark tint. The sauvignon blanc (white) grapes will stay green for a while, then move toward a more golden color as harvest time approaches.

Red grapes in the morning sun.

The past days have been very warm and today is expected to be the peak of our mini heat wave. Then thunderstorms and rain are expected to move in over night and last through the day on Thursday, and temperatures will drop again. It's been a very summery summer, so far.


  1. That's a lovely shot with the various colours coming through!

  2. Agree with Craig!
    Also that translucence of grapes, which these are beginning to show!
    Now wonder, really, that so many artists paint[ed] at least one bunch of grapes...
    and photographers follow[ed]!

  3. What a great photo! Love the colors and the close-up quality. You have such a good eye, Walt :)

  4. Oh just lovely! Thank you for this photo.

  5. craig, thanks. Sometimes it works!

    tim, they're always a good subject, on the vine or in a bowl (or a glass!).

    judy, awww. :)

    evelyn, well, not quite... but I won't talk about that.

    gosia, one day they'll be wine!

    christine, you're welcome! :)


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