Thursday, August 13, 2015

More grapes

It's a dark morning; the storm clouds have moved in. It's raining lightly as I type, just after seven a.m. I tried to take Callie out before the rain started, but I missed. So we're waiting for a clear patch. The radar shows that this is just a little squall and it should be over soon. But then there's a lot more rain coming in behind. So we have a little window of opportunity.

Another bunch of grapes from Tuesday morning's walk.

It was very humid (for us) on Wednesday and through the night. I slept mostly, but was wide awake between 02h30 and 04h30. I went outside to look for meteors (the peak of the Perseid meteor shower is right about now) and, although the sky was clear, I didn't see any. I did see some lightning in the distant northwest. Now it's off for a walk between the raindrops!


  1. Another lovely snap!

    We went out for the viewing also, and saw a few, but the light was reflecting from the cities, so it was hard to see them. A demain soir....

  2. Yes, yes, another great photo.
    Hope you got the walk in!

  3. christine, I tried again last night, no luck. And there's no light problem here. But there were some clouds.

    judy, we did!

  4. That is a lovely photo. Tellingly, it's of a small bunch of grapes. It seems with the heat this year the vintage will be excellent - small quantity but high quality. Cheers!

  5. I very much enjoy watching your 'grape photos' go through the year's cycle. It is a sort of calendar for me.


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