Monday, August 10, 2015

Periodic puppy pics

Here's the spot where Callie and I cross over the (now disconnected) electrified fence to head down into the river valley. We walk this way on most of our evening walks, except in late spring and early summer when the fence is electrified to keep the deer out of the adjacent vineyard parcel. Callie loves going through the woods and I like the climb back up the hill on our way home.

I'm standing where the fence is while Callie waits for me to take the picture.

You can see just beyond Callie that there's a clearing in the woods. Some years ago, storms toppled a bunch of trees that blocked the path down there. For a while we could duck under the tree trunks. Over time they settled to the ground and we had to climb over them. Then, last year, people came with chainsaws and removed the downed trees. They also cut down a whole lot more and stacked the wood. That left a good-sized clearing half-way down the hill. Already, however, new growth has started to fill it in.


  1. Well, she is agreeable to be photographed or should I say , she knows how to pose :-)

  2. Come on Dad, let's walk already!


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