Friday, August 28, 2015

Don't get saucy with me

I picked a lot of tomatoes on Wednesday. And many of them are the biggest cœur de bœuf (beef heart) tomatoes I've ever grown. I swear that one was the size of an American softball. About two-thirds of the tomatoes I picked were ripe and over-ripe, some are just right, and others, which had fallen in the storm, are green. Those should ripen on the shelf in a few days.

Fresh garden tomatoes trimmed and in the pot.

I had to do something with the ripe and over-ripe tomatoes, so into the sauce pot they went. There are still some nice ripe ones left for eating in the next days, not to mention what's still in the garden. And there are plenty in the garden, so we should have a good amount of sauce for the freezer this year.

This is a ten-liter pot (10.5 US quarts) filled to the brim.

When we first started growing tomatoes, we decided to can the sauce. That worked well, but it was a lot of work. Since we've had the big chest freezer, freezing the sauce makes the process much less cumbersome and time consuming. We still have sauce from last year to finish up!


  1. "the size of an American softball. "....
    yup, I quite believe that...
    Pauline and I asked for two kilos of Oxheart from a vendor at a vide-grenier...
    we had two tomatoes! One weighed in at1.6Kilos....
    We have NEVER managed to get above 500gms...
    in fact, I'm not certain we've actually hit 500!
    Whereas we've had many Ananas over 500... and a few over the kilo mark.
    Which/who's C-d-B variety are you growing, please Walt... ?
    there are so many that all look the same on the packet...

    1. We are growing Cuor di Bue, which is the Italian version. They seem to be smaller but numerous. You can always spot the Oxheart plants - they look really tired of life. The flavour is just wonderful and your bowlful looks to be at the peak of perfection.

  2. I can just imagine all the lovely smells in your kitchen. =)

  3. Mmmm, that looks very good! :) Tasty.

  4. Funny,4 thousand miles away and I am doing the same thing. Just throw into pot, put through food mill when soft, pour into baggies and lay flat in freezer and enjoy in January. So good.

  5. The tomatoes look healthy and yummy

  6. The highlight of summer is excessive tomatoes made into sauces. I am mad-jealous.

  7. My parents always froze their tomatoes flat in baggies. My dad ate them still chilled at breakfast in the winter with eggs and toast. He lived to be 98, so they must be healthy eats!


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